How to Style Sneakers with a Charm

Mixing sneakers with my daily looks is my go to when feeling hella trendy. Since my high school days, I loved getting a fresh new pair of sneakers and from that point on, I pretty much incorporated them with all my looks. So yes, sneakers can go with everything! Rocking sneakers to any occasion has become much more acceptable so I’ve thrown the heels on the bench. So let our little fashion hearts rejoice for those high school memories, for our aching feet, and most importantly for fashion baby.

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There are about 101 ways to keep a girly vibe while rocking sneakers.

Being the minimalist that I am, I like to stick with:

  1. Neutrals – When paring a pair of sneakers try to stick with neutrals such as white, beige, black and grey. You’ll find the result to be a monochromatic look that you probable didn’t have to throw much work into! And you’ll look effortlessly chic, while keeping a sporty vibe.

nuetrals2. A minimal pattern – Go for a top that has a simple pattern. Ex. Stripes, polka dots, or anything that can be paired with blue jeans to set the look. If you chose to go for a colorful top with details, opt for a classic white sneaker to anchor your outfit.

minimal3. Matching! – My favorite to tip, because it’s one of the ones I use the most. Chose either the bottoms, or top and match it with at least two colors of your shoes! SIMPLE and creates a stellar look with colors that ping off of each other. But don’t worry about being too matchy matchy, and focus more on coordination of the colors.


These are three of the easiest guidelines to stick with when pairing up a pair of sneaks to your everyday attire. I’m sure you’ve already seen every fashion babe rocking a pair of kicks with their looks. Don’t get left behind in this comfort wave that we should all be riding.


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I basically incorporated all those 3 tips into one, and see … I don’t look crazy, success! The colors are all neutrals that are always easy to paired with, my top is patterned and for added charm, bell sleeves and last but not least my color combo between the shoes and the top.

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The perfect off-the-shoulder top that we keep seeing on trend is a great quick pick up to get started with your look. A top with a fun bell or cool embroidery can also add some color and texture.

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Pair with a cropped skinny to show off your sneaker game.

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Mansur Gavriel bucket bag, easy use to amplify coloblocking! Leather bottom keeps it from getting dirty when setting down and canvas helps keep your bag from getting to heavy.

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Now lets get to the base of this post, the sneaker.

The Nike Cortez is one of my top 5 favorite sneakers. The Cortez first debuted in 1972 as a running sneaker, fun fact it was actually considered the first official track shoe that was designed by Bill Bowerman, an Olympic track coach and of course founder of Nike. It’s recently been making waves again in the sneaker community with its classic silhouette and effortless steez. Plus, it’s hella cozy and feels light and girly.

Try going for this look with help from these easy tips to follow!

– with love, the girl who just wants to be at ease in her clothing ❤



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