"From bridal and groom styling to guest styling, we've got you covered”

Luxury Consultation

We offer expertly curated, handcrafted attire with an exclusive shopping experience to provide clients with the best in elegant fashion. Our focus is on delivering unparalleled quality and style to our customers.


Style at Ease provides virtual styling services for clients unable to meet in person. These services are convenient for those with time constraints or living remotely. Despite being virtual, clients receive personalized attention and expertise to boost confidence and achieve their style goals.


We believe that store visits are an essential part of the in-person styling process. Our stylists accompany you on store visits. The significance of assisting clients with store visits is highlighted as it provides a unique opportunity to try on outfits, assess style preferences, and receive immediate feedback from expert stylists on fit and suitability.


The significance of this hybrid styling mode is that it saves time and is more feasible for international clients who are unable to attend in-person appointments. It also provides the best of both worlds, with the convenience of virtual consultations and the personalised attention of in-person appointments.


With all eyes on you on your wedding day, it’s only natural for a bride or groom to want to look and feel their best. Choosing your wedding attire is an extensive choice that necessitates you to consider both your individual style and the aesthetic of your wedding. Brides and grooms should match the event’s details, choosing a style that also coordinates with your wedding palette. You’ll also want to choose something you’ll enjoy looking back on in photos for years to come.
Where we come in is to assist them in refining and assembling that look. We design a complete mood board with the heartfelt desire to transform your dream into a reality for your wedding celebrations only after an accurate knowledge of their personality and vision.
There was a time when family members indulged the bride and the groom, making constant trips to designer stores and offering heartfelt guidance from all perspectives.
Today’s brides and grooms necessitate professional advice from a fashion stylist.
A trendsetter, a professional visual director they can depend on, and someone who conceptualises the look with the bride and the groom as the main focus and star of the sacred celebration.

Family and Invitees Styling



A personal shopper is someone who enjoys shopping and will accompany the bride and groom to boutiques and designer stores while keeping in mind the couple’s desired style and aesthetics. Following the shopping, we operate as your single point of contact for all follow-ups and communications.
We have access to a wide range of designers and boutiques and will not only ensure that you have quite a wonderful experience but will also assist you in expressing the style you’re looking for and making your vision a reality.
To assemble your wedding look, the process needs individualized attention along with a strong understanding of Indian clothing, traditions, craftsmanship, and general fashion knowledge. To carry out the aforementioned shopping trip, one needs professional assistance because these are going to be some of the most intimate and significant decisions one will ever make.


Wedding makeup is renowned for a delicate, dewy appearance that looks clean.
A good stylist must craft an all-encompassing style that depicts the bride’s ideal hair and makeup. A vision is significant and essential, and it should originate in the imagination of a stylist. We relish adding unforeseen finishing touches to a woman’s look while subtly urging her to explore outside her comfort zone concerning makeup. We propose fresh concepts while considering the bride’s preferences.
Yet, if the hair and makeup on the wedding day are improperly handled, a significant portion of all the hard work can go completely wrong. As a result, it is essential to brief the makeup artist ahead of time, do trials, and clearly understand what needs to be done on the big day.


Beyond wedding styling, you want to celebrate love. As an honour to the special bond that persists between couples, we convey couple shoots that are editorial, organic, and focused on emotions. Without the wedding glam, photos that are minimal, classic, fluid, and truly showcase the love for each other.
Enhancing the appearance of authentic couples. You can trust us to style, and select your entire wardrobe, as well as for arranging and executing the photoshoot from the beginning to the end. We are actively involved in every area, assist with talent recruitment, and assist with aesthetic and creative direction.


A trousseau was historically referred to as the collection of personal belongings that a young woman acquired in anticipation of her impending marriage. A trousseau often includes linens, toiletries, jewelry, lingerie, clothing for the honeymoon, and bridal accessories.
It includes styling and curating a hamper that is gifted to the bride or the groom for their wedding.
For your married life, we offer fashion and advice. This service also covers guidance and shopping for your honeymoon and first few days as a newlywed.